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The Tousei precision industry infuses new blood with the updated pt-7004 sample.

Release time:2018/01/09

In 2017, the company analyzed the environment, the industry situation, and the competitive product situation, and then analyzed the situation of the situation completely to know the current position.The company analyzes the industry accumulation, technology accumulation and the advantages and disadvantages in manpower and capital, thus making adjustment, and aggregating the company‘s resources and actions on its own advantages.

Through the analysis of the current position, and make an appointment with users to understand the real thoughts, put the needs of their customers the highest, according to the collected information and user‘s feedback information, sorting and analysis.

Next to product development, design a product prototype, and then take a product and product prototype to visit customers, make product demonstrations, listen to the opinions of the users, and modestly and verify other assumptions, thus gradually improve products and business models.The product function does not match with the user‘s requirement, then check the product function according to the customer feedback, and decide which functions can be pushed and eliminated.Instead of adding new features to the product, the minimum functionality set is determined based on user feedback.

Through the company‘s repeated modification, continuous improvement.

Finally, we have developed a product that is more suitable for customers -- -pt-7004. The product sample was launched on January 10, 2018 in the east China sea of shenzhen city, guangdong province.The product has a home screen and a side screen, and both of them support multi-touch, such as swipe card, printing, network connection and other functions. It is another new market favorite after pt-7003.


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