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The Internet payment licence has fired nearly a billion dollars in the pursuit of the white Wolf.

Release time:2018/01/17

"A payment company‘s Internet payment + receipt (local) licence is sold, and there is no liability in the business, and the price is $1 billion and the connection is required."Recently, a payment domain person told the reporter, the current license plate market soaring, some have reported a 1 billion yuan price.
Indeed, as payment licences become scarcer, their prices have soared.According to one industry source, the price of Internet payment license is 700 million yuan, 900 million yuan and billions of yuan in the market.However, the final transaction price is generally about 30% lower than the market price.In addition, intermediary service providers can also make a handsome profit from it, generally speaking, the intermediary service is divided into about 1% to 2% of the license price.

"Only when the price is high can we sell a higher price."The people said.
The regulatory layer is concerned with licensing issues.Recently, the people‘s bank of China on its website released the fourth batch of non-bank payment institutions renewal decision ", according to documents, released the 93 payment institutions, putian pay silver tong co., LTD., xi ‘an this dealer paid through electronic co., LTD., Beijing guang technology development co., LTD and other nine pay agency payment business license shall not be renewal.It is understood that the reason for the failure of the renewal of the payment license is that some of the license plates have been transferred for many times and there are a large number of false merchants.The payment business does not meet the standard requirements, and there are safety risks;Unauthorized transfer, disguised transfer or even frequent transfer.
Why the phenomenon of "selling licences"?Li Zijian FengRuiXiang marketing President, told reporters that affected by the tide of the transformation of the Internet, the transformation to online, offline entities in the process of transition to online transactions, be sure to need to pay, pay is trading closed loop, also is the beginning of the derivatives business, is a bank payment system outside the body of the highest customer satisfaction service."Internet companies want to have their own payment licences, but the number of licences is limited, which is one reason to drive up prices."
However, at present many kinds of licence prices are different, the most expensive is the Internet payment licence."According to official statistics, in 2016, 66.33 billion for Internet payment services, the amount of 54.25 trillion yuan, up by 98.6% and 124.27%, respectively, compared with 2015, the nation deal with non-cash payment business nearly half of 125.211 billion.So, in combination, the most valuable Internet payment license in a payment licence, if it includes mobile payments, will be more of a selling point.The second is the bank card receipt, and the prepaid card issue and acceptance."Mr. Li said.
Mr Li said that because of the current demand for the buyer‘s market, there was a "white Wolf" type of profit behind it, and there was still a gap in regulation.
However, it is widely believed that the fact that the fourth batch of nine payment agency licences will not be renewed is also indicative of the need for a crackdown on the transfer of licences.In the future, the number of payment licenses will be reduced again, and the online connection will make the payment institutions more transparent in their standardization.


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